Community85 was developed on the basis that Garry’s Mod really needed a place where every single person was treated equally, transparently, and like an actual human being. We pride ourselves on being approachable, and making everyone realize that they matter, to our Community. We enjoy being as generous as we reasonably can, and believe that through diplomacy, solidarity, and mutual understanding, that we can provide for you, one of the best, if not the best, and most unique places to RP that you’ve ever been.

We were founded on the realization that at times, it’s important to look at things from the perspective of many people, from the viewpoint of a collective – and understand that everyone truthfully does deserve the opportunity to enjoy themselves, and to forge lasting relationships and friendships between individuals, doing exactly what it is, that they enjoy.

So, we decided to put together our Community – and in the process of that, really try to push the concept of self-teaching, and self-reliance; which we did through linking together with various developers, mappers, content creators of all types, to make a place that pools together its resources, and uses it in such a way that provides a lot of good, for those of us that are looking for a nice, positive, stress-free community, that actively takes care of it’s players, and strives to teach and train other players on how to develop good content for RP, in general.

In the process of that, we’ve grown to a large size, we’ve linked up with various other communities, and we’ve managed to open up our circle, our network, to mostly everyone – ensuring that everyone has a good time at our Community, and making sure that people feel safe and secure, is very very important to us.

At times, other communities can be abrasive, we’ve understood that Garry’s Mod has always been a hotspot for drama, and other issues that put forth a lot of problems. We decided to bypass all of this, in a way that benefits everyone else around us.

Our promise to you, as the player, is that you can feel comfortable to entrust us with your character development; and that you can feel to play how you want, who you want, in whatever way that you want, without fear of judgement by individuals that look to try and cause problems for others, or attempt to make people feel badly.

We strive to create a community that focuses on being inclusive, and takes an active stance against various social phenomenon such as circle-jerking, exclusive inner-circles, or drama and manipulation – and we’ve done very well to provide this, so far.

We function on the basis that we have a very clearly defined set of community conduct rules, and we have a mission statement, that states our intent, and defines our principles that we abide by, when we use our reach, our platform, to provide a positive, and mature RP experience for everyone that wishes to come join us.

We focus on the idea that every single member of our playerbase is as equally important as the next, and will always afford them the respect that they deserve, and the time that they need, to make themselves heard.

We don’t believe in the idea that you should simply cut people off, and therefore, our promise is that we will never make a decision in regards to anything involving our members, that cannot be appealed, and we will never cut anyone’s voice off, from being heard, when they feel the need to be heard – as has been said before, we understand that everyone is a human being, and therefore, deserves to be treated with an equal level of basic respect for who they are.

We think that Garry’s Mod could absolutely benefit from an introspection on what makes us who we are – and giving every single person the chance to be who they wish to be, and to experience what it means to be a part of a Community that prides itself heavily on being a positive place in people’s lives – more than just a Community, but a home.

When you’ve got more than enough food, you should build a bigger table.

You can find out more about us at: