Ukiyo City

(Some of these are from WIP builds/areas!)

Ukiyo City, the major metropolitan area where Chromed Out 2 takes place, is represented by our original, custom map, “rp_shibmelt.”

Shibmelt is our latest and greatest when it comes to our mapping project – with no shortage of things to do, and places to go, our custom map is designed with our roleplay in mind – to provide a solid setting, for the roleplay that our community enjoys doing.

Shibmelt is designed with a great deal of interiors – no shortage on shops, or housing, if you can afford it, in the city. Big enough to drive vehicles, ride bikes, operate hover-bikes, race, and specifically designed with a MASSIVE skybox in mind for the express purpose of ensuring that the MED/TECH guys can pilot their VTOLs to grab their patients, and that GOVPOL and it’s subsidiaries can conduct operations by ground, and by air.

Ground and air aren’t the only methods of travel though – in Shibmelt, you also have the ability to jack directly into the SprawlNET, as a Netrunner-type. We’ve completed this by setting up the map with a large space underneath it, where “Netspace” can be purchased, allowing you to set up your own personal netspace, that you can jack into, and physically be inside of, as your character, given that you have the proper equipment set up, within your apartment.

Nightlife is also a focus in this map as well, with tight, dark alleyways that represent some of Japan’s red-light districts, neon and rain-slicked streets, and a very finely detailed aesthetic that gives a new meaning to attention to detail, to give you the best possible experience.

Criminals can take solace in knowing that this isn’t a map where you’ll instantly be found, if you commit a crime – and Police can take solace in knowing that tracking down criminals does take some actual investigative work.

Whatever type of RP you enjoy, passive, active, hanging out in a dimly-lit, seedy club – you can trust that we’ve got you covered on giving you a maximum amount of effort to ensure that you’ve got the best possible setting to do that in.