The Outskirts

rp_gatmist_v1 is our map that currently represents “The Outskirts,” which is a region to the north of Ukiyo City, on the northern-most portion of Japanese Hong Kong, where there’s less super-tall metropolitan areas/regions, and is more of a disheveled, unkept wasteland, if anything.

Just directly to the north, is the port, and then across the water – Shenzhen.

Shenzhen is where the Chinese Kuomintang currently stage their operations, to infiltrate, and attack Japanese Hong Kong.

Gatmist, as a map, sports some very thrilling visuals, an gives almost a 1980’s-esque gritty, retrowave-type of Cyberpunk aesthetic. It’s dark, it’s dingey, and one half of the map is a total wasteland.

In The Outskirts, the map itself is generally meant to be more of a shootng/action type of experience. You can go there as you please, but keep in mind that it is a PVP zone, and that can be conducted through normal RP, PVPSYS (Our PVP combat system), or S2K – all depending on what all parties agree to.

Also, NPC’s roam this map, and they can be killed for small sums of money, if you wish to grind and exchange bullets for cash.

rp_gatmist is not entirely a production of our own, as it is based on a variety of very old, very now-defunct maps and assets, that were initially planned to be used for another, older Cyberpunk project, developed by the folks at TnB. However, the project went into development hell for around 8 years, and was never released. The small, unused bits and pieces of this, eventually found themselves floating around, so we essentially stuck some of them together, fixed a few issues, and began making our own modifications to the map, to try and keep it usable, both out of a love for TnB’s work in mapping and overall development, and a love for the genre.

Thank you dearly to all of those that worked on that project.