We “love” our Hammer.

When it comes to maps, we actively take the time to produce our own, as well as modify some existing work that has been made in the past.

We’ve largely understood that a major problem that a lot of communities face, is that no matter what, trying to find a decent Cyberpunk map is almost damn near impossible, and it gets stale, trying to use the same-old, same-old.

So, we’ve taken inspiration from many different maps, what worked, what didn’t work, and we’ve used these ideas to develop our own maps – made specifically for the type of RP that we wish to do, and with longevity in mind.

We realize that finding people skilled in Hammer nowadays is few and far between – working in Hammer really is hard work. So, we take the time to actively explain, show off our development publicly, and are always available to teach, give tips, and give advice for how you can either become a map developer, or be better map developer.

Hammer’s intimidating at first glance – once you get familiarized with the UI, and the way that it works, and it’s little quirks, it’s (usually) smooth sailing from there on out.

CO2:SM currently features the ability for you to walk to each map, hosted on various different servers.

So, while you’re in Server 1, running on Ukiyo City (rp_shibmelt_v1), you can pay a visit to the subway station, and ICly travel directly to Server 2, running on Ukiyo Outskirts (rp_gatmist_v2.)

The third server is usually used as both an event server, or as a server where the map is continuously rotating between various different locations.

Server 2 will actively feature S2K NPC’s which earn you small amounts of money for kills, as well as a completely property management system, and item spawning for various parts, completes, and commodity items used to drive the economy.