Hey there, I’ve decided to just put (technical) updates in new pages on the site for CO2:SM, instead of typing mercilessly long-winded pings in the Discord’s announcement channel.

So, in conjunction with the ping-announcement that I posted in the Discord, here’s a look at some of the new features that we’ve finished for Chromed Out 2.

The TriBox: In other schemas, you’ve undoubtedly come across the Stash system, which provides you with an ever-accessible Grid Inventory, that can be access from anywhere in the map wherever a stash is. Our system expands upon that (literally), and instead of using a grid, uses a two-column system, where one column represents the inside of the TriBox, whereas the other column represents everything in your inventory. You can upgrade the size of your TriBox, with a button at the top of the columns, which allows you to pay a varying sum of money (increasing) for added amounts of slot-space inside of the TriBox.

Identity Hiding: Sometimes, you’ll need to hide your identity, or will naturally have your identity hidden by things such as masks or helmets. Thus, there is now a command to manually set your name in the chatbox, and the name above your head to [IDENTITY HIDDEN], with /togglehiding.

Scoreboard Hiding: Sometimes, you’ll need to hide yourself off of the scoreboard for whatever reason, or perhaps you feel like you need to hide yourself on the scoreboard, for whatever reason. You can now do this, using /togglesbhiding. It’ll black out your entire entry on the scoreboard, and replace your description/name with (Character Hidden.) When it comes to administrative functions, going into observer now reveals all scoreboard entries, and appends a small (Hidden) next to a scoreboard entry, to let staffers know that someone is currently hiding themselves on the scoreboard.

Neural Drain/ModMeds: Chromeage is a stat which goes up with the amount of WetWare/ChipWare/HardWare you install to your body. The higher your chromeage stat, the quick you experience neural drain. When you experience enough Neural Drain, you will begin to undergo various visual changes, and messages appearing on screen that narrate the beginning effects of TechShock to you – requiring you to take ModMeds to prevent it from getting any worse. There’s no bar for this, however you’ll begin to notice visual changes on-screen, such as discoloration and whatnot, when you’re starting to get low. So, when that happens, you’ll know that it’s time to take ModMeds of some type. Currently, as it stands, someone with a very low amount of Chromeage, who might not be very modified, will experience a total drain to TechShock time of roughly 48 hours of being on the server.

SkillBoosting: As is applicable to any item that you “equip” or “install” or “use” in some way or another, you can buff/debuff specific stats. Now, this is possible with the new Skills system, which allows you to do things such as install SkillWare, special ChipWare that will increase your skill levels, for as long as you have that ChipWare installed. Other times, you simply consume a single one-time-use item, to permanently increase skill levels. Other times, you one-time-use a consumable item, and skills/stats are temporarily increased.

Inventory Design Philosophy: Some of you might disagree with this, but due to the new way that inventories work in Chromed Out 2, most items take up a 1×1 grid inventory slot. The reason being for this is that now, with the existence of an equipment-slot panel, which includes an variable-space inventory slot depending on what type of backpack you have equipped, and what type of chest panel you have equipped, your actual inventory is only meant to represent the stuff that sits in your pockets, or is physically strapped to your body (such as you four weapon slots.) That being said, guns and melee weapons take up multiple slots in the inventory, usually, but they may take up less than you’re used to, and everything else will typically take up one single slot at a time. This is largely due to the fact that because you now have a dedicated panel for your equipment, and a dedicated panel for your WetWare+ChipWare/HardWare, and a dedicated panel for your normal inventory, there doesn’t seem to really be a need to mess around with inventory management when it comes to individual items. If this sounds confusing, please look at this:

The labelling has not been finished for the WetWare/ChipWare+HardWare display on the right, but as you can see, there’s plenty of slots, for plenty of things to go in plenty of spaces. That being said, sometimes, grid slots are meant to just be used as individual slots, instead of representing the “size” of certain items. You’ll always have slots for four weapons. You’ll always have the amount of slots that you are afforded based on your grade or version of the type of modifications that your body is running. There’s no need to spend extra time trying to fit a bunch of stuff inside of your inventory, because most of the time things like equipment just get slotted to a single grid-square in the first place. And this is all done via a drag-and-drop system.

Ripperdoc System: Gone are the days of waiting for someone with 1 flags to teleport over to you and build a custom item, only to have them question how you’re getting such an item in the first place, because it threatens the staff circlejerk – this time around, anything, and I mean anything related to augmentations, replacement, ChipWare, Hardware, body-modification of any type is 100% able to be handled by players. And if you, a normal player cannot handle it, you go find a Ripperdoc/MedTech, because they can. This means that Ripperdocs/MedTechs now get “M” flags, they are then able to source various pieces of WetWare (either Augmentations or Replacements), ChipWare, and HardWare – bring you into their office, sit you down somewhere, press “E” on you, which brings up a small menu over the target patient, where they can select to “Modify” you. It’ll open your Body-Mod panel, and their inventory. They can then drag-and-drop the WetWare onto your body’s slot, or the ChipWare onto the WetWare, or the HardWare, onto the WetWare. Or, they can take it off. Keep in mind that sometimes you cannot remove/put on your own HardWare/ChipWare/WetWare. If you can, you’re good. If you can’t, then go see a Ripper/MedTech.

Targeted Commands: Got some RP to do that only one other person should ICly know is happening? (Such as hacking?) Or, perhaps, maybe OOCly only one other person should be able to see some sort of action/speech? You can now /looksay /lookme /lookit whomever your crosshairs are on, to do that, as long as they’re within 256 source units. You can also target their name directly, with /targsay /targme /targit. This system doesn’t log, and we don’t use any systems that allow staff/ownership to see chatbox activity as it happens in our console (besides damage, and item loss/gain.)

Faction Swap: If you’re someone that needs to swap in/out of a scoreboard faction back and forth for some reason, there’s now an item that handles it. Want to get into a scoreboard faction? Put the item in your inventory. Want to come out of it, and back into Civilian? Take the item out, put it somewhere else.

Map/Server Walk-over: You’re now able to walk between maps/servers by walking into a specific load-point on the map, such as the subway. This will be used for event maps, as emphasis is given to the concept of travelling, instead of simply loading into event maps. Thus, specific maps always represent specific places in reality, in Ukiyo City and it’s surrounding area.

Chatbox Fix: NutScript has had an issue with the chatbox spitting out stuff that was like “table0xf-something” everywhere. That’s been fixed (and sent to the main development group’s repository.)

Property Management System: Renting properties now has a new way that it takes place, instead of “owning” doors, there’s a command attached to the phone, which represents a visual menu, which displays before you, every property available for purchase within the map. You’re then able to purchase the property directly from that menu. You can modify roommates/door access at the door itself, and rent is automatically charged every 3 days, even if you’re offline. Because of this, there’s a system in place for you to request a LOA, so we can freeze your rent, so that you don’t have to leave and come back broke and homeless.

Thanks for reading!