You can transfer your character from Newlight or anywhere. We’ll bring your whole character over, exactly as-is in terms of augmentations/gear. We’ll keep everything that you worked really hard for, but we may keep stats/skills, depending on what fits where, at the same general “baseline” for everyone, so that nobody starts out end-game, but nobody loses what they’ve worked so hard to acquire/create.

Every mod for every augmentation that you have, currently exists as it’s own slots, and items – so some items will be re-created in the new, custom system that our server sports.

Every single character will be set-up, ready-to-go, by the time that we launch Chromed Out 2. Everyone is warmly welcomed/invited to do so. Many, many people have already done so, and we expand every day.

So if you’re transferring/moving:
Join our Discord.
Register on the Forums, and file your app/DM it to Denim’s forum acct.
Check out the Lore Wiki/register and add your character or group.

Extra Stuff:

In keeping with what we put first (your character development), we are always willing to allow for character transfers.

There’s no real limit to where you can transfer a character from, as long as it is a Cyberpunk, or Cyberpunk-adjacent server.

Meaning that yes, if you have a character that you began on places such as Elysia, Double Action, 2118, 2119, 21XX, you are more than welcome, and also urged to fill out a character transfer, using our “Universal Format,” a single design for whatever you may need in terms of authorizations for your character(s).

In terms of transferring over items, weapons, and modifications to one’s character, we are more than happy to figure out the within-reason conversion from your last server, to this server, for what your items would be.

And, if those items were something special, or important to your character development, we have absolutely no issue with simply placing that item into our schema’s code, either via our custom Item Forge system, or by manually coding them in.

Do note, that in order to keep everything fair at the start of the server, if you’re having a character transfer done, you might not retain the same exact stats that your character had elsewhere, in order to preserve balance.

Character continuations from last iteration are permitted for any and all characters that were developed during Chromed Out 1, in Cascadia.

If you apply for, and are accepted for an authorization for anything that requires a license, you’re also going to be required to apply for the license, too. If you are accepted, and you haven’t applied for the license, you will be authorized for unlicensed goods, which can land you in legal trouble, ICly.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Some of 2118’s lore took place in 2081, in Chromed Out.
  • Some of 2119’s lore took place in 2082, in Chromed Out.
  • New Seattle’s lore took place in 2086, in Chromed Out, and still continues to exist in ZONE 4, in The Pacific States of Cascadia.
  • We are currently located in Ukiyo City, Japanese Hong Kong. Ukiyo City is located precisely where the central metropolitan area for Hong Kong was, except the country is now considered an addition to the country of Japan.
  • The current season/year is Summer, 2087.
  • The English, and the Chinese, are two nations that are looked upon with a sense of fear and distrust, as both nations are brutal, imperialistic, and dystopian regimes, that account for belligerent status in nearly every single global conflict, to include certain instances of space-faring conflict.
  • Not every region of planet Earth is as advanced as SprawlNET-enabled Cities. If a city is SprawlNET-enabled, that typically means that body modification is easily done and easily obtainable, the population density is extremely high, most livable areas are re-organized into major mega-city type situations, and are typically rather dangerous, hyper-capitalist, deregulated labyrinths of neon and consumerism.
  • The USA has not existed since 2058, and is instead simply known as “North America,” now, with various countries within.