In Chromed Out 2, we sport a system of Body Modification that goes far more in-depth, and is far, far more detailed than your average “Collect the tiers” style of character modification.

Our schema sports a custom system that we’ve had developed, which now, along-side your normal inventory, displays a layout of your character’s body, with “BodyPoints” listed, as “slots” for you to mount your customization, upon.

This is all handled in a visual style that makes it far superior to the average/normal method of using augmentations as equupment, right-click and equipping them, as if they were a piece of armor.

In Chromed Out 2, doctors have flags, that allows them to manually work on a patients body modifications, themselves. While you’re able to do *some* self-modding, there are some instances of modification that do require a MEDTECH, or a ‘ripper-doc,’ to handle.

Instead of only having augmentations, in Chromed Out 2, you acquire something called “WetWare.” WetWare is the term for what you’d normally call “augs,” on a different server. WetWare comes in two types: Augmentation Kits, and Replacements.

Within WetWare, every Aug/Replacement comes in different series. These series define what the typical “use” for such sets of Augs/Replacements is – series may be named “Athletic,” or “Delicate Procedure,” or “Heavy Industry.” The series defines what the specific formula for buffs and de-buffs, to your stats, skills, and abilities are, at the base level.

Within every series, there are grades. Grades are similar to the old-style of tiers. Every series of WetWare has a grade, with the lowest starting at D. From there, it goes: D, C, B, A, S, and S1. Different grades of WetWare, require different licensing in order to be allowed to legally use them.

Every character’s body has 14 total BodyPoints. For every BodyPoint, there’s an entire sheet of Series, for Augmentations/Replacements, and then every series has 6 grades.

The higher in grade you go, the more ChipWare slots you unlock.

For example, the correct naming convention for a modification to your right arm would look something like this:

A-Grade Athletic-Series Right Arm Augmentation

A-Grade Athletic-Series Right Arm Replacement

In total, there are hundreds upon hundreds of individual pieces of WetWare that you can get, for each BodyPoint, for your character – truthfully, the possibilities are endless, and will require plenty of planning, to get the best build out of your character, with plenty of opportunity to re-spec, and modify yourself, to meet the needs of whatever job, or role that you’re playing.

ChipWare, on the other hand, are small, SIM-card-sized pieces of tech, that further modify the functionality of whatever WetWare that you mount it to. They also further increase/decrease your stats, skills, and abilities.

Replacements require a MEDTECH to have ChipWare installed onto them – and then cannot be taken off. However, you are able to remove and replace a replacement WetWare, whenever you need to.

Augmentation Kits do not require a MEDTECH to have ChipWare installed to them, but do require one to have ChipWare removed, from the Augmentation.

When improving your body via Augmentation Kits, you’re not able to skip grades within a series. However, when using Replacements, you are able to skip grades, within a series.

Typically, Replacement WetWare and Augmentation WetWare run at roughly the same pricing, although Replacements may typically be more expensive, as they are normally more durable, than the average Augmentation WetWare that doesn’t have any sort of durability modification made to it.

In conclusion, our method of visually allowing the player to fully modify their character, to unlock an extremely expansive amount of skills, stats, and abilities, is something that has never been before-seen in terms of this type of RP server, and we’re very, very excited to show it off to you.

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